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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Trying to write it before I don't know how to write it

This blog may contain only with random posts ..
But these days ..
When I didn't t find another place to pour out my feelings (other than Allah of course) ..
Everything feels heavy now ..
Parents, friends or maybe my boyfriend..
They always busy with the affairs of their respective...

They have no time to listening..
Sometimes.. Or maybe many times..
Mereka tidak pernah mau mendengarkan..

When I'm happy, cry or sad..
When I feel really hurt.. Sick..
Even I can't stand anymore they wouldn't come to hold my hand
They never want to know
And now I star to write about everything I want.. About everything make me cry or happy..
Everything :)

But I believe one day they will listen to me ..
even though I'm not there anymore..
I always keep my pray for them..
And I'll always keep my promise to my boyfriend..
I'll be strong girl and will be success :)

And everything has changed :)

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